Monday, August 5, 2013

A pregnant Crystal. Watch out.

So I was accident prone before I got pregnant. Now my clumsiness has catapulted to OUT OF CONTROL. That "pregnancy brain" thing that people talk about: it's not a myth. (I thought it was a myth.) No, your brain doesn't actually change, but surging hormone levels cause strange things to happen.

Forgetting things (like how to spell, or send an email), spilling things, tripping over things, dropping things. Just to name a few.

The other day I spilled three drinks. In one day. Each one full to the rim. Normally my drink spilling is limited to once a week, so yeah, I can definitely tell something's up.

And it's a good thing I have these giant boobs to act as a net while eating. I can't count the number of new stains that have popped up on my wardrobe. Soon, though, I'm betting the belly will stick out far enough to be the new food-catcher.

So, internet, I just hopped on my old mishaps blog to say watch out. Unless you want your toes stepped on or something spilled on your crotch, then it may be best to limit your interaction with me to online-only.

I'm almost five months pregnant, and not showing too much yet, so you can expect me to become more dangerous as the center of gravity continues to shift.

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